The Impact of Government Policy on Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships


UCAN is a specialist provider of Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships working with Local Authorities and Academy Groups across England. The impact of government policy on teaching assistant apprenticeships can be significant, as policy decisions can influence the availability and accessibility of these apprenticeships, as well as the quality of training provided to apprentices. 1. Availability of...

Changes to the Apprenticeship Levy


How does the funding work? If your payroll bill is over 3 million you can access funding through your digital account system, if you have insufficient funds the government will pay 90% of the funding band rate and you will be required to co invest 10%, typically by direct debit on a monthly basis. If your payroll bill is under 3 million and you have more than 49 employees, the Government will pay...

Time to Celebrate


James Wilton – Level 3 Apprenticeship Diploma in Specialist Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools James works in a special school in Leeds and supports children with profound and varied special needs. James started his apprenticeship and found the work hard and at times he wanted to withdraw. Following one to one support and tutorials from his tutor, James decided to continue with his...

New UCAN Office


The UCAN office has recently changed location to a fantastic new office space where we are now established. The new address of the office is :
Woodlands House, Woodlands Business Park
Bristol Road, Bridgwater
Somerset, TA6 4FJ

Employer Story


In-house Engineering Apprenticeship training plan at Bridgwater. Our Goal in the decision to bring our Engineering Apprentice training in-house (with the support of UCAN training) was always to create a program better than could be provided from our local technical college but also to have it tailored to seal manufacture. So it was with some trepidation that we had our first monitoring visit from...

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