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In-house Engineering Apprenticeship training plan at Bridgwater.

Our Goal in the decision to bring our Engineering Apprentice training in-house (with the support of UCAN training) was always to create a program better than could be provided from our local technical college but also to have it tailored to seal manufacture. So it was with some trepidation that we had our first monitoring visit from Maurice Westwood EQA from City & Guilds. Maurice not only audited our program, but carried out investigations of practical work pieces and even took part in workshop-floor reviews, during this process feedback was given on positive progress. It was not until the end of year audit that to our surprise Maurice stated that in all his 30+ years of being an EQA for City & Guilds he had never seen a better program and we as a company should be very proud of achievements.

Well done to all involved in this program and for making it such a success.

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