What are your organisational training needs? How will you find
apprentices and access Government funding and financial
incentives? How will you recover and manage your
Apprenticeship Levy effectively? How do you
avoid training interrupting your operations?

Find out how recruiting an Λpprentice or using Λpprenticeships to trΛin your existing stΛff cΛn Λdd value to your business

Using our knowledge and experience we design apprenticeship programmes which far exceed the minimum standards set by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. Our programmes are tailored to your business and wider sector needs.

We have our own comprehensive and holistic e-delivery platform which strips away bureaucracy and duplication and provides you with real time information on the progress of your apprentices. It does not replace face to face engagement with our own highly skilled trainers. Rather, it releases time for our trainers to engage in more teaching, assessment and coaching whilst limiting any burden on your apprentices’ working time.

Contact us for a consultation where we can provide you with information, advise you on the best solution and answer all your questions whilst illustrating the value we can add.

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ProfessionΛl ConsultΛtion

ProfessionΛl ConsultΛtion

We will provide comprehensive information, advice and guidance in order to understand your business needs and objectives so that the programmes we design fully meet them. We will guide you on implementation.

We will take into account your operational requirements to ensure that our training dovetails into other required training and causes the minimum of disruption to your work schedules.

Employer PortΛl

Employer PortΛl

Monitor your apprentices progress through our Employer Portal and use it to inform your performance management. Review the whole programme regularly with our operations team so that we can take account of any business changes and also keep you abreast of developments.

E-TrΛining Delivery Platform

E-TrΛining Delivery Platform

Using our in house e-training delivery platform we have stripped away paperwork and the bureaucracy often associated with Government funding.

The apprentice experience and our ability to focus on face to face teaching, coaching and assessment is greatly enhanced. The apprentice ability to work independently with reduced ‘down time’ and work disruption is optimised for you.

Contact our Employer Engagement Team and we will explore your business training needs and discuss with you the various options available