Mission Statement


Posted by UCAN / In Public Policies / May 11th, 2023



Our Values        









This document sets out the UCAN Governance board and Senior Management Team’s vision for quality and high standards in our apprenticeship training.


To demonstrate the highest standards of governance and ensure the best interests of learners, apprentices, and employers, we are committed to following the AELP’s Code of Governance which is based on:

• Putting the learner, apprentice and employer first.

• Promoting high expectations and ambitions for learners, apprentices and staff.

• Listening to learners, apprentices, employers and staff.

• Ensuring staff and students are safe and their wellbeing is supported.

• Promoting inspirational training, teaching and learning and assessment.

• Creating a safe environment for learners and apprentices to train, learn and develop.

• Providing strong strategic leadership and challenge to the senior team.

• Demonstrating accountability to all stakeholders, including publishing accurate and timely information on performance.

• Ensuring the achievement of equality of opportunity and diversity throughout the organisation.


We are dedicated to providing an innovative learning experience to challenge and transform peoples’ careers and opportunities in the workplace by exposing them to new concepts, knowledge, skills and behaviours. We aim to elevate them to achieve the best they can and maintain the highest possible levels of attainment.

Our Apprenticeship Team knows what it takes to facilitate the growth and success of our learners. We assess the learners starting point via initial assessment and track their progress throughout their apprenticeship.

We strive to be inclusive in what we do and how we do it. Encouragement, support, and the opportunity to give feedback and share in discussion with staff, tutors, apprentices, and employers is promoted at every stage of the learner’s journey.

Our staff are key, and we aim to recruit the best and give them constant access to excellent continuing professional development so that all our stakeholders recognise them as the best in the industry. We will support them by continuously innovating and improving our delivery systems, methods and resources using leading-edge technology to distinguish ourselves from other providers for the quality and added value our training and personal development provides.


We wish to partner with employers of all sizes in the areas and sectors we have the training capability and capacity to do so, supporting them in developing the skills of existing and new employees in the furtherance of their business objectives and the economy along with the attainment and career aspirations of those employees. This is fostered through our processes, policies and procedures to ensure an open relationship with regular dialogue to nurture this partnership.


We believe that through the efficiency and effectiveness of our delivery proposition, we can build a sustainable and robust business that will grow organically by attracting more employers based on our reputation and through recommendations.

Using these strengths through solid leadership, dynamic governance and using our UCAN brand, we aim to maximise accessibility so that all prospective employers and students, regardless of their background, have the opportunity to work with us and benefit from our innovative teaching, learning and assessment. In doing so, we will make a meaningful contribution to the communities in the areas where we operate and society as a whole.

If we achieve our mission, we will attract new contracts and new strategic partners who fulfil our Governance requirements and expectations to work with us to accelerate progress towards our long term goals.






Rory Finlayson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Martin Irisarri

Non-Executive Director & Chair of Governance Board